Step 1. Introduction

You can book your first appointment by emailing or calling 0208 269 0806. 

Step 2. Inspiration

You are very welcome to enjoy exclusive access to our London boutique where you will be introduced to the team and allowed to browse our current collection. Whether you have a strong vision for the texture and design of your piece, or wish to bounce ideas, we will be happy to guide you. Our ideas and suggestions are based on our extensive knowledge of craftsmanship combined with your personal requirements and desires.

Step 3. The perfect Fit
Measurements will be taken in order to ensure that your finished piece fits perfectly to your size, posture and requirements. At this stage, we will finalise the textures, colours and type of shearling to be used. We will also confirm your understanding and aspirations of the final outcome.

Step 4. Crafting and Creating
Your measurements will be hand drawn onto a pattern ready to be hand-cut onto the finest shearling. We then carefully select and match the required shearling pieces to begin making your garment. Your bespoke garment is now starting to take shape and we continue to skilfully hand craft it to completion in one our our workshops.

Step 5. Completion  
Finely pressed and finished to perfection, your shearling garment is ready for you to wear. The result is a completely unique creation showcasing the most exquisite quality and highest attention to detail. With your vision brought to reality we’re delighted to say that this piece will keep you smiling and stylish year after year.