Olympia Toscana Gilet

Olympia Toscana Gilet


Olympia Gilet

– Made in England
– 100% Toscana Shearling
– Reversible
– Olympia Collection
– Many Colours available

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The Olympia Gilet is a modern take on a classic look. With a sublimely flattering fit, the shape is key to emphasising femininity and glamour.

With supple suede on one side and luxurious Toscana shearling on the other, there are three ways of styling this reversible gilet using six carefully placed fastenings.

Sizing Chart

Size (Inches)2XSXSSMLXL2XL

Toscana Gilet Aftercare

Light brushing with a dry or suede brush will help revive the suede and or get rid of any light marks. Brush in a downward action.

Use a suede block for heavier marks, always rub gently and with great care.

You can also use suede sprays to protect the surface. We suggest testing a small area first before covering.

Please note that Toscana shearling suede is not colourfast and may transfer some colouring.